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  • Who’s out there ?
  • Who fits your needs?
  • How do you engage with them?
  • How do you position yourself with them?
  • How do you create a winning proposition from the opportunity?
  • Global Innovators Offer
  • Cutting edge R&D, technology and innovation
  • Next generation business models, platforms and products
  • Capabilities in design, branding, marketing, manufacturing processes, supply chains
  • Indian Businesses Offer
  • Access to India’s rapidly growing market with the world’s largest consumer base
  • Experience of managing the Indian business environment
  • Cultural understanding and local dynamics

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Cross Border Due Diligence

Our 360° due
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We don’t just validate the facts and numbers

We deliver a comprehensive view on the organisation, culture, leadership and strategy

We understand the local context

This leads to critical insights and makes the hidden risks visible

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“Our domain experts allow you to fully investigate the specialised aspects of a transaction

Thematic Investing

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    The search for the next
    global growth hot spots

  • null

    Frontier markets – African, Central
    Asian opportunities

  • null

    Luxury and iconic brands:
    enduring value and heritage

  • null

    Emerging technologies and
    disruptive business models

  • null

    Deep value - Restructuring and
    distressed opportunities

  • null

    Global Macro trades: geopolitics,
    volatility, credit, hedges

Identifying macro themes with sustained value creation potential